Control System

Skilled operators pick out defects and imperfections on the production line,control and inspect all equipment, production environment and transportation meets the requirements at the same time.

External support and emergency response
External support
The company has a long-term cooperation with zhonghe Tiancheng, a world-renowned food and agricultural products consulting and service company, and regularly invites experts to conduct professional training for the company's management team and production backbone, so as to continuously improve the professional quality of employees.At the same time, the company keeps close contact with entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Customs) and its laboratories to keep abreast of the latest information at home and abroad and the industry to ensure that The Times.
With the highest goal of serving customers, the company keeps close and effective communication with customers to understand the needs of customers and target markets for products.For customers' feedback and complaints, THE HACCP team will respond in the first time, make a comprehensive analysis from both the source and the terminal, formulate improvement measures, track the implementation effect, and ensure that customers' opinions can be timely responded to effectively protect customers' interests.
Emergency response
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